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We’re committed to ensuring our services and our offices are available and accessible to as many people as possible.

Accessible Meeting Spaces

Situated in Lancaster University’s world-class business centre, our Lancaster office highly accessible. As well as accessible parking spaces, our meeting space can all be reached via lift and there are accessible toilets on each floor. We are more than happy to make further accommodations if you alert us ahead of time.
If we cannot accommodate your needs in our business centre offices, we will find another solution. There are several accessible locations local to our offices that we have used in the past.
We are also prepared to travel to a location closer to you. Be it your offices, your place of work, or a place of your choosing, what’s most important to us is that we conduct our meetings where your needs are catered for.

Website Accessibility

We want to make sure our website is as accessible as possible.

Text Size is Too Small

Most browsers have the capacity to change text size.
Internet Explorer can zoom into a page with Ctrl and +, and zoom out with Ctrl and -. The default text size can be changed in the page menu, or by pressing Alt + P.
Google Chrome can also zoom in with Ctrl and + and out with Ctrl and -. You can also change this by pressing the more button ( ⋮ ) and clicking the + and – buttons next to Zoom.

Website Colour Issues

We have chosen our website colours to be high contrast for the sake readability. We appreciate this doesn’t curtail all visual and sensory issues. Our recommendation if you are having trouble is to investigate the Colours and Fonts options in your web browser. Most modern web browsers have the capacity to apply rules about text sizes, page colours and other accessibility options.