Adds Another Highly-Trained Account Manager to Their Team

Request a Call Back Adds Another Highly-Trained Account Manager to Their Team Adds Another Highly-Trained Account Manager to Their Team

Uncategorised · July 26th, 2018

Multi-award-winning digital marketing agency has recently revised its training and employee onboarding procedures. The first new Account Manager to graduate from this training programme is Will Osborn, who joins a passionate, experienced and highly-qualified team at

Will is an experienced marketing expert who has spent time working with Nationwide’s North East England senior leadership team, working as co-lead on several area-based projects. He holds a degree in Business Studies and specialised in Marketing at IUT 2 UPMF in Grenoble, France.

“Having worked internationally gives me additional perspective to draw on for our clients,” Will says. “The Account Management training and onboarding processes at novi have really helped hone these skills, as well as bringing my knowledge of digital marketing fully up to date with their excellent ways of working.”

The onboarding process that novi enacts involves hands-on implementation training, shadowing of other employees, testing and certification, all of which combines to ensure that the team are fully prepared before being placed in to the role.

A Top Tier Team

The management team at novi have been especially impressed with Will’s natural flair, passion and determination to succeed, as Aaron Crewe, Managing Director of novi comments:

“Will has worked hard since arrival to master our way of working and as part of the immersive processes, he has built a fantastic understanding of our clientele.”

“As a forward-thinking company, we understand that we must constantly innovate the ways in which we work in order to be of continued benefit to our clients. To do that, our team need to be passionate about what we do, highly trained, and eager to stay at the forefront of the industry.”

As part of the onboarding programme, ensures that all new recruits take part in immersive training schedule that provides hands-on implementation of every facet of the SEO and PPC process.

A New Service hopes to be able to offer this training programme as a new service to clients within the next 6 to 12 months. This service would allow companies that decide to manage SEO and PPC in-house to ensure that their teams are properly trained, thus providing a better ROI on new recruits. Approved for G-Cloud 10 Procurement Service Approved for G-Cloud 10 Procurement Service

Uncategorised · July 11th, 2018

Data-driven, multi-award-winning digital marketing agency, who recently established their London presence in Canary Wharf’s prestigious Level39, have been approved as part of the GCloud Government Procurement platform.

What is the GCloud?

The approval sees join an exclusive list of companies approved to contract for public-sector work directly. The GCloud was first introduced in 2012 and has continued to develop since then. novi joins the service as part of GCloud 10.

The agency is now listed prominently in the Government’s Digital Marketplace.

The GCloud and companion framework Digital Outcomes and Specialists are designed to make government procurement quicker, simpler, and more transparent. Now government bodies and other public-sector organisations can quickly review technology companies, select a shortlist, and approach them for necessary work. on the Rise

“This is a very proud moment for us,” said Managing Director Aaron Crewe. “As a company we are always focused on not only achieving, but maintaining the standards that projects like the GCloud require.

“We’re looking forward to the opportunities the GCloud brings, and to supporting public sector groups the same way we support our clients now. As a company, we’ve always taken performance in real terms seriously.

“We have a lot of experience in improving return on investment, increasing our clients’ reach, growing market share and more. Now we have the chance to do that for more organisations.”

The agency has recently taken on a new Account Manager, William Osborn, to continue to provide its growing client roster with the high level of service it’s known for.

Exciting Opportunity for Cumbria Businesses

Exciting Opportunity for Cumbria Businesses

Uncategorised · June 26th, 2018 is happy to announce an opportunity for Cumbria-based businesses to receive a subsidy of up to £2,000.

This subsidy is provided by the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and is for consultancy sessions focused on business growth and competitiveness.

Among the examples they’ve pointed out of this are:

Applying for Your Subsidy

Applications must go through the Cumbria Chamber’s Growth Hub. has worked closely with the Growth Hub in the past, with our Managing Director leading training sessions organised by them. We would be more than happy to help you with applications to use this subsidy for consultancy services.

Drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know you’d like to be part of this opportunity. We’ll get straight to work helping you to apply.

While all businesses can benefit from developing stronger SEO or PPC strategies to expand their reach and increase their market share, this subsidy stresses competitiveness.

This makes it especially useful for companies working in Cumbria’s busiest industries, including:

About the Growth Hub and

The Growth Hub was set up in 2012 to replace the discontinued nationwide Business Link program. Along with the Greater Manchester Chamber’s Growth Hub, these were so successful that the scheme has been adopted across the country. is one of the sixty hand-picked businesses called on by the Growth Hub for one-to-one support, advice, and mentoring for companies in need in the area. Our business – and our focus – is built around helping other companies to grow, making us a natural fit.

Since its creation, the Growth Hub has supported an estimated 6,800 businesses. Will you be the next? Contact us and we’ll help you get the application process started.

Top 7 PPC Software Apps

Top 7 PPC Software Apps

Uncategorised · May 24th, 2018

Many businesses looking to optimise their PPC campaigns for better ROI turn to PPC software apps before they turn to digital marketing agencies.

These apps are cheaper than digital marketing agencies, though there is a trade-off for that; less personalised services can only do so much. Depending on your goals and your budget, however, PPC software may be the better choice.

That’s especially true if you use these alongside specialist PPC training.

What sites and services can best help you?

Top PPC Software List

7. SEMRush

SEMRush are leaders in the field of competitor research. You’d use SEMRush in the early stages of building a PPC campaign to see where your competition outperforms you. That gives you a clear picture of where you can work to improve your market share.

Combining this information with CPC (cost per click) data can also highlight keywords which aren’t going to be cost-effective to compete for. Remember to check this regularly, as CPC may change over time and opportunities may open up.

Features Include:

  • Organic Keyword Research
  • Find New Competitors
  • Analyse Competitor Ad Copy

6. WordStream Advisor

WordStream Advisor promises to provide users with “60% more leads from online advertising than AdWords… alone.”

Designed specifically to support SMEs, it promises an average CTR (Click-Through Rate) increase of 44% and an average increase in conversions of 30%. The software also allows you to manage Google AdWords and Facebook Ads PPC campaigns from the same platform, at the same time.

WordStream Advisor also incorporates some basic automated keyword recommendations based on your current campaign. It’s designed to reduce the amount of time taken in managing and expanding your campaigns.

Features Include:

  • One-Click Account Optimisation
  • Account Structure Suggestions
  • Search Query Analysis

5. Keyword Tool Pro

Keyword Tool Pro is a great keyword planning service. One of the things that sets it apart from a lot of other software in the same field is that it can be set to sort potential keywords by many different metrics.

It’s also highly useful if your PPC campaign includes keywords targeting different locations; Keyword Tool Pro will allow you to sort out which keywords are performing well in which areas, allowing you to more effectively manage locational keywords.

Features Include:

  • Check Keyword Search Volume in Bulk
  • Uses Autocomplete for Keyword Research
  • Sort and Rank Keywords

4. Funnel Science

Funnel Science was born out of a desire to “build the perfect sales funnel”. This cloud software service tracks all sales funnels in one place. As well as monitoring PPC performance from all PPC campaigns across providers, you can also use this to keep an eye on organic search performance.

Like the team at, the Funnel Science approach is highly data-driven, tracking customer behaviour and employing A/B testing and analytics to assess sales performance. This can be broken down by sales funnel, product, and other metrics. You’re provided with an excellent reporting and analysis tool which is flexible enough to answer a wide range of questions.

Features Include:

  • Pinpoint Positive and Negative Customer Influences
  • Identifies Bots, Spam, and Other Wastes of Advertising Spend
  • Automated Multivariate (A/B) Testing

3. Opteo

Opteo provides a suite of tools to streamline AdWords PPC management. It automatically reviews your campaigns against performance targets, using conversion data to propose improvements and modifications. The PPC manager can then review these and send them on automatically.

Opteo also compiles AdWords performance metrics into a single location, including some metrics not accessible through the standard AdWords interface (QS Components, AdRank, etc.) This service is designed to make it easy to diagnose performance issues in real time.

Features Include:

  • Comprehensive Performance Metrics
  • Great User Experience
  • Optimises to Target CPA

2. TEA Software

TEA Software offers some very rare functionality; fraud analytics. It’s a bid management software program which includes click fraud and engagement fraud protection. This uses heatmap tracking to easily identify the difference between human browsing behaviour and bot programming.

Bots are automatically blocked, and a quarterly report is filed with Google to reimburse your account for the results of click fraud.

Click fraud is uncommon but can be a substantial problem if your business is one of those targeted. TEA Software automates detection and reporting.

Features Include:

  • Visitor Engagement Metrics
  • Click Fraud Elimination
  • Conversion Rate Prediction

1.    Captivise

Captivise is an automated PPC bid management platform. Designed to maximise profitability, the platform automatically emphasises high-performing keywords and de-emphasises or even pauses poorly-performing keywords, significantly increasing your Return on Investment. Unlike many other bid management systems, Captivise isn’t tiered and no functionality is gated off at any payment level.

The system works in real time, updating prices faster than any human could even if they could perform calculations at the same rate. Captivise is designed to allow PPC managers time to work on new campaigns and develop other assets without existing campaigns being left to underperform.

We’re a little biased about Captivise – it was developed to directly mimic our in-house bid management basic rules. But the fact it copies those rules is also why we can endorse the work it does.

Features Include:

  • Minimise Wasted Spend Through Bid Adjustment
  • Pause Non-Converting Keywords
  • Optimise Based on Margin
  • Automate Bid Management
  • Bid Adjustment and Analysis Using Historical Data
Our Training Events Calendar for 2018 is Live!

Our Training Events Calendar for 2018 is Live!

Uncategorised · January 25th, 2018

Learn digital marketing from the experts. We are a multi-award-winning data-driven digital marketing agency, and we offer training as one of our services. If you want to handle SEO, PPC, or CRO in-house – or just want to understand the basic principles better – we can help.  

After all, most businesses are seeing more and more of their customers coming from digital marketing rather than traditional promotion. 

As well as these individualised services, we host also regular events in partnership with Lancaster and District Chamber of CommerceCumbria Chamber of Commerce, and the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. 

These training days cover the basics of different aspects of digital marketing. Whether it’s setting up a campaign in Google AdWords which will provide a reasonable ROI, using WordPress to best effect for business, or understanding the information available in Google Analytics, we can help. 

You can find our training events calendar for 2018 here. It lists event, date, location, and price. Each event has its own information – we’re making it as easy as possible to sign up. 

Digital marketing is only becoming more important to business success. Make sure you understand what you need to do and why. 

Whether you run your SEO or PPC in-house, or work with an agency, understanding the principles that these digital marketing styles work on makes it easier for you to gauge how effective your campaigns are. By properly understanding your Analytics data, the numbers will be able to tell you whether or not you need to make changes as problems arise, rather than wasting time and money on underperforming strategies.  


Is Your Business Ready to be GDPR Compliant?

Is Your Business Ready to be GDPR Compliant?

Uncategorised · December 14th, 2017

What it Means to be GDPR Compliant

Superseding the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), the GDPR will hold businesses to higher standards and impose tougher penalties on businesses that do not comply.

The Regulation grants more rights to customers who have had their rights infringed upon by organisations. Those businesses are expected to adopt ‘appropriate technical and organisational measures’ to protect their customer’s personal data.

There have been many misconceptions about what GDPR compliance means, so we would like to take an opportunity to run through some of the more common ones.

Are Your Consent Documents Valid?

Under the new Regulations, a consent document should be a simple document that clearly and simply lays out that their agreement means that their private data can be processed by your company. Without such a document, you do not have consent to process or hold private data from the customer.

The onus is for consent to be given freely and not be assumed by inaction or inactivity. This applies to your extant database, too. If you do not have documentation in which that customer has given permission or their data to be processed, it’s down to you to seek that consent.

Mandatory Data Breach Reporting

Mandatory data breach reporting means that, should there be an incident, the Information Commissioner’s Office will expect a report of the incident within 72 hours of the occurrence.

According to the ICO, a comprehensive report when the incident is discovered is not expected. Instead, the focus should be on the scope of the breach, the cause, how you intend to mitigate against its damage and how you intend to address the problem.

The True Scope of Fines and Penalties

It’s being reported that organisations found in breach of the Regulations, including reporting on data breaches, can expect tougher penalties. The ICO have been given the authority to administer fines of up to 4% of a business’s global annual turnover or £17 million, whichever is greater.

Comparatively, the current greatest fine that the ICO can impose is £500,000, so it’s plain to see that this is a significant increase. It’s important to remember that fines are among the last penalties that the ICO resort to and they are yet to ever invoke their highest powers. That said, it’s far better to avoid any penalties at all.

Beyond Brexit and the Data Protection Bill

Brexit does not affect a business’s legal requirements to adhere to the GDPR. Not only are the regulations coming into force before Britain has finished the EU, but also the government and the Information Commissioner both have confirmed that these regulations will apply.

As it stands, there is a Data Protection Bill moving through Parliament. The best way to think of it is that the DP Bill works in conjunction with the GDPR. It applies GDPR standards and modernises the UK’s extant Data Protection laws.

When the UK leaves the UK, the GDPR and the DP Bill will work together until such time as the UK restores a domestic basis to data protection laws. These laws will continue to use the requirements set out by the GDPR. That’s why it’s important to familiarise yourself with the GDPR and the DP Bill.

What this Means for our Clients

We’re a data-driven company, which is why it’s so important for us to ensure that we are working within the parameters of up-to-date data protection regulations.

We’ve been altering our practices to ensure that we are GDPR Compliant, and as such we understand of what this process entails and what needs to be considered. We want to ensure that our clients are kept abreast of these changes.

If you’re working with us and want some clarification on what GDPR Compliance means for your business, or you want to know about how can help you, don’t hesitate and contact our team of experts today.

Understanding Google Analytics: A 1-Day Course

Understanding Google Analytics: A 1-Day Course

Uncategorised · November 1st, 2017

For the 3rd time this year, our Managing Director travels to the Newton Rigg Conference Centre in Penrith, where we partner with the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce to provide courses in digital marketing to business owners, managers, and more. Our Google Analytics is certainly our most popular, with one of our training sessions earlier this year selling out completely!

In November, the course will be on Understanding Google Analytics.

Aaron will cover:

  • Making sure that Analytics is set up correctly.
  • Looking at traffic from different data sources.
  • Setting up conversion tracking for goals and ecommerce.
  • Using Events for tracking important user engagement and interaction.
  • How to test different browsers and device types.
  • Looking at location and languages of the website visitors.
  • How demographics information can help inform website content.
  • Web page and site content analysis.
  • Setting up and using Experiments within Analytics.
  • Studying Landing Pages and Exit Pages.
  • Setting up dashboards to view key metrics quickly and easily.
  • Connecting Analytics to Webmaster Tools and AdWords.
  • Multi-Channel and Cross-Device analysis.
  • Using Site Search for further information on the user journey.
  • Looking at ways to improve site speed.
  • Benchmarking your data.
  • Setting up reports.
  • Setting up alerts.

as well as anything else that attendees raise questions about. This Google Analytics course will give you what you need to go from a beginner to a confident website analyst. You’ll learn how to catch errors before they come issues and discover the basics of digital marketing development strategy.

You’ll also see how Analytics can help you learn more about your customer base and even discover audiences you didn’t know you could market to. This is your opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency.

We encourage attendees to bring your laptops so you can work through examples and get started immediately.

For members of the Cumbria Chamber this course will cost £65 + VAT, but non-members can attend at £120 + VAT.

The course takes place on November 14th between 10am and 4pm. You can register attendance at this link.

Why Use Multiple Services?

Why Use Multiple Services?

Uncategorised · October 10th, 2017

Our services largely fall into three broad categories; search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). These are all effective tools in digital marketing on their own, but when combined they can be even more effective.

Let’s look at why.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation may sound odd, but it’s a very simple concept. Your site’s conversion rate is a way to measure what proportion of site visitors become customers (whether this is a lead or sale). With a conversion rate of 10%, you achieve one customer from every ten – and a hundred customers from every thousand.

To optimise your site’s conversion rate, we use all available data to identify roadblocks that dissuade visitors and eliminate them. We conduct a UX (user experience) audit and CRO Analysis (primarily using Google Analytics) to review the site holistically and make sure it’s effective in building visitor engagement

We identify the parts of the site that play a key role at different points on the customer journey. We then work to refine them to be more effective we also work with you to identify the need for new site content supporting any points on the journey which are not currently addressed.

With our ongoing CRO service we will continue this process to ensure continued refinements, constantly collecting data and using it to refine the performance of your website

CRO is an effective, powerful tool, but its effectiveness begins only when visitors arrive on your site.

Search Engine Optimisation

Before anyone even looks at your site, they must find it. Consider conversion rate, a 1% rate means 10 customers from every thousand – but if you can only bring in a hundred visitors, it means only one customer.

Search engine optimisation is the process of refining and improving your site so that more of your potential customers find it. We stress potential customers here – there is no point whatsoever in work done to attract visitors who will never become customers. In fact, in the long run,

As a core part of our search engine optimisation service, we look at key search data to find out what search terms are used by your customers, match those terms to the page on your site which best serves that need, and adjust the page and other internal site aspects to target better prospects who are more likely to convert. Where appropriate, we suggest new pages to be created.

Because we target those visitors to the appropriate landing page/point-of-entry, we build their engagement with the site from their very first interactions. Promoting positive engagement is one of the many algorithmic factors that search engine algorithms use to adjust results.

Good SEO techniques focus on how to improve your site’s performance. This will start to provide improvement in visitor quality, which in turn improves your search performance. It happens in a cycle. As with our CRO service, SEO is an ongoing service. We continue to collect more data and analyse it, allowing us to refine our work on a continual basis. The moment you stop optimising, whether in CRO or SEO, your competition has the chance to gain an advantage.

Combining SEO and CRO isn’t like adding the two benefits together – they multiply one another. A higher proportion of a greater number of visitors become customers and improved website engagement leads to better search performance.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paid ads on search engines, advertising on social media and shopping feeds are all part of pay-per-click advertising. PPC has that name because you pay for every click – As such, it is important that you make every click count.

The key to this is good CRO. After all, if everyone who clicks through (costing you money) chooses to go elsewhere, you’ve wasted your money – and ultimately, that impacts your profit.

PPC through search engines also benefits from SEO. As we mentioned earlier, good SEO will build positive engagement, and positive engagement improves the site’s Quality Score.

This is what creates that improvement in your site’s standing in search engine algorithms – and it also plays a part in calculating the effective cost of each click. PPC ads displayed are weighted by Quality Score to provide a better experience for the user – and that means a site which performs well for search engines compared to its competition earns a better effective cost per click.

A Combined Service

At we recommend combining two or all three of these services because, as we’ve demonstrated, the whole truly is greater than the sum of the parts. To discuss how we can help with this, or for advice on any aspect of our services, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to work through any questions you may have. Helps Maximise Overseas Sales Helps Maximise Overseas Sales

Uncategorised · October 3rd, 2017

In partnership with the Department of International Trade (DIT), will present a workshop at the Barton Grange Hotel starting at 9am on Wednesday the 18th October on the topic of developing an online marketing presence to target sales overseas.

Aaron Crewe, our Managing Director, will lead the workshop and cover the key ways to engage overseas customers through online marketing, especially when breaking into new markets.

We’ll look at ways to identify, analyse, and use local and global trends, managing language and culture as presented by your website, tools and techniques for market research – and how to combine all of these to plan, implement, and drive digital marketing campaigns that work.

This is a unique introduction to the online tools and opportunities available in international sales through digital marketing, in SEO, in PPC, and through CRO and UX techniques.

“ works and has worked with many clients who deal internationally and several based outside the UK,” Aaron said. “We’ve developed the experience and the expertise to know what works for trading online internationally and where you need to tailor your approach to a specific market.

“We’re looking forward to this opportunity to help other businesses develop that capacity and to improve their international trade. As we’ve experienced with many of our clients, it’s a great way to improve your business’ reach.”

For more information, and to register, click here. will Team with Peninsula for the Second Annual novi Day will Team with Peninsula for the Second Annual novi Day

Uncategorised · September 26th, 2017

Our inaugural novi Day last year was a huge success, with presentations given by the team as well as representatives from Google, Mind Lancashire, and video marketing agency Workshop Media.

Save the Date: November 1st, InfoLab21, Lancaster University

This year, the second annual novi Day will see us joined by Peninsula, a small business HR support consultancy based in Manchester. We will also be supported by the Lancaster and District Chamber of Commerce, with other presenters to be announced.

We’ll offer a wide range of presentations, seminars, and training opportunities absolutely free to registered attendees. These seminars would not usually be delivered for free – there’s some exceptional value to be had from attending! Not only that, we will be offering consultancy sessions with our digital marketing experts.

“novi Day was such a success last year and the feedback we received from visiting companies was extremely positive. There were clearly a lot of inspired attendees with an increased interest in the benefits of digital marketing,” said Managing Director Aaron Crewe. “Another novi Day, taking in an even wider range of topics, was the obvious next step.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming many of our clients and representatives from other businesses eager to grow and develop.”

Attendance is entirely free, but attendees are asked to register their interest ahead of time to make planning numbers easier. You can book by following this link, or you can get in touch with novi here.

Here’s a video showing last year’s Novi Day: