eCommerce SEO: Designing your site to increase sales through effective SEO

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SEO for Ecommerce

It can be very difficult to have your voice heard among the crowd of online shoppers. Every year that goes by the ecommerce marketplace is growing exponentially more competitive. There are customers out there who are looking for what you offer, but with so much noise it can be hard for them to find you. You don’t have to struggle though! With a well-managed SEO campaign your business can be much more prominent for potential customers. The key is to focus on delivering an exceptional level of service to highly-targeted potential customers.

Win at eCommerce by focusing on USPs: What Makes You…You?

Your business is special, and that’s what makes people want to buy from you. Your SEO service should be able to understand and promote the things that make you unique, because by doing so you can show the whole world what you can do, and become that shining beacon attracting customers.

With Novi.Digital, your campaign will be structured around your business. Rather than receiving generic, catch-all promises such as “x-directory submissions per month” and “y-number of inbound links”, you will receive a custom-made plan tailored to your needs. Perhaps directory submissions are perfect for your offering, but maybe they’re not. You want the service that is right for you all the time, not just by chance.

Your USPs will also play a huge part in attracting your customers. Shoppers can afford to be very picky online these days, but if you know your audience well then that pickiness will work in your favour. By getting to know your business, through frequent communication with you as well as tools such as Google Analytics, Novi.Digital will find the shoppers who are looking for exactly what you offer, but who wouldn’t normally find you, and direct them straight to you.

Focusing on Conversions: Buyers, Not Browsers

While it is important to be seen by a lot of potential shoppers online, it is even more important not to lose sight of your own goals, and be blinded by the high amount of traffic coming your way. The most important reason to use SEO for eCommerce is to attract shoppers who are going to convert, and everything else is just numbers.

With Novi.Digital you can distinguish the difference between traffic that is coming to your site to browse and shoppers looking to buy, helping you to focus on getting more of the latter. Many SEO companies focus on attaining the former, but without interest in what you offer, visitors will only ever be visitors, and a buyer is infinitely more worthwhile to you than any number of browsers. That’s why it’s important that you focus on how your eCommerce could be creating more conversions.

Focusing on eCommerce: Knowing What Works

By choosing Novi.Digital for your SEO management services, you are in good hands. You are receiving service from a company that has a broad and deep experience not just with SEO in general, but also with SEO for eCommerce specifically. You will gain the benefits of a company that already knows a lot of working methods, the techniques that are best used in eCommerce SEO and has seen much success in the past.

To learn how we can help you specifically, get in touch and we will offer you a Free SEO Report, detailing exactly what we can do for your business. Leave your details with us, using the form at the side or on [email protected] and we can call you back at your convenience, or call us now on 01524 566 736.