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Request a Call Back has a growing team with a wide range of skillsets, allowing us to provide a digital marketing service which builds on everyone’s expertise and has enabled us to win a multitude of awards.

We’ve built our services on six key values:

PICKLE - Meet The Team

Our entire team are dedicated to these values, and both the services we offer and our internal development and training are designed to reflect them.

Aaron Crewe - Managing Director

Our founder, Aaron’s focus is on the company’s direction looking to the future, ensuring we continue to innovate and bring our ideas to bear. He encourages creativity in the team, is passionate about well-being at work, and is also an enthusiastic guitarist (time permitting).

Aaron is one of the driving forces in keeping novi at the cutting edge of digital marketing. He finds time in his busy working day for extensive reading on the industry and related topics, and is constantly asking what can be done to incorporate new ideas into ongoing strategies.

Aaron also heads up our consultancy and training service offerings.

He was the 2017 Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the E3 North West Business Awards and works closely with groups including local Chambers of Commerce and the Virgin Media Start-Up Program to encourage SMEs to survive and thrive.

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Ethan Giles - Senior Operations Manager

Coming to us with a degree in Law from Lancaster University, Ethan brings that same organised mind and keen problem-solving approach to the ongoing operation of the company and to PPC campaigns. As one of the most experienced voices in the company, he can often be found adding another perspective to the work done by the rest of the team.

He’s also a dedicated account manager whose honest, no-nonsense approach is much appreciated by his clients, as are the results he gets for them. His approach starts with detailed data analysis and builds outward from there.

A keen football fan, Ethan is also devoted to his cat Gizmo.

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Mike Kilburn - Delivery Manager

Emphasising precision and care in his work, Mike nevertheless approaches every day with a bunch of jokes ready to be cracked. He’s responsible for improving the quality of the data used by the team and implementing long-term plans developed for each client by their Account Manager as well as sharing the copywriting burden.

His dog Sonny is highly trained and loves to show off with tricks of all kinds, and Mike, like Matt, holds an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University.

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Liam Anderson - Technical Implementer

Our foremost technical team member, Liam can usually be found with his nose in the back end of client websites working to improve their performance, improve monitoring and data collection, and to make them more stable. His main skillsets include PHP, Javascript, and mySQL, specialising in Front-End Development.

When he’s not doing that, you’ll find him expanding his technical knowledge at home or out on one of his bikes, exploring the countryside or perfecting his trick riding.

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Rory Bettany - Account Manager

Rory came to novi as a Digital Marketing Analyst, giving him a thorough all-round knowledge of how to blend SEO and CRO techniques together to best effect before he began working with clients.

His BSc in Secondary Education and Mathematics makes him adept at the data-driven side of the role as well as in giving our clients the context they need to work with us in developing digital marketing strategy, and it’s backed up with a BTEC IT Practitioners Level 3 – Triple Distinction.

An outgoing personality with a knack for the bigger picture, Rory blends large-scale account strategy with detailed moment-to-moment planning.

Prior to his work at novi, Rory spent some time as a private tutor in GCSE Mathematics. You’ll also find Rory at home watching the latest big-budget fantasy or superhero series.

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Will Osborn - Account Manager

Will graduated with a 1st in Business Marketing from Newcastle Business School and spent six months specialising in International Marketing at the IUT2 Institution of Technology in Grenoble, France. He has a recognised qualification from IDM in direct and digital marketing.

That background underscores the passion and the academic rigour he brings to the role and to his clients.

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Matthew Howarth - Admin Assistant

A car enthusiast with a particular passion for Minis, Matthew handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes administration needed to keep the company rolling forward, as well as performing initial research and working with Aaron on proposals to clients – and much more.

He’s been instrumental in refining our client preparation and in revamping and maintaining our databases and records, making novi much more efficient than ever before.

A hard worker with a passion for detail, Matthew’s also one of the most upbeat and cheerful in a happy team.

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Max Jones - Digital Marketing Analyst

Max holds a Certificate of Higher Education from his time at the University of Stirling, where his focus was on maths, HTML, CSS and Javascript. His hard work and study of the ever-evolving field of digital marketing has led to asking questions which help the company as a whole improve both the efficiency and quality of their work.

As a Digital Marketing Analyst, his core responsibility is in collecting data, ensuring its quality, and in implementing strategy developed by Account Managers for our clients.

He has a passion for computers which extends to his work but absolutely begins at home, where he has built several computers for his own use. He’s an avid computer gamer, and the rigs he builds reflect that.

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Amy Crossley - Digital Marketing Analyst

Amy blends her passion for digital marketing with a love for pets. When she’s not working with the rest of the DMA team to resolve issues before they can become problems and to lay groundwork for future success with research, you can find her exploring the Lancashire wilds with her dog, a Staffy/whippet cross.

Like the rest of the DMA team, her work involves collecting, reviewing, quality-checking and summarising data, as well as implementing the strategies developed by Account Managers from that data.

Amy’s also a huge fan of all things Disney.

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Placement Students - Interns and Work Experience team

Throughout the year, we also have a team of excellent students and work experience candidates join us for temporary, short term and occasionally longer-term placements.

If you’d like to join us, please send your CV and covering letter to [email protected] explaining your interest in working with

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