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Why choose novi for ecommerce SEO and PPC?

Ecommerce SEO is becoming increasingly more important as more customer move to buy online. As such, Ecommerce SEO and PPC are becoming increasingly competitive. High street retail faces stronger competition than ever from online retail. The more successful companies have responded by establishing their own online presence. Between services like Google Shopping and ecommerce-focused CMS like Magento, Shopify, and Big Commerce there are lots of options for selling online. Here at novi, we are experts in providing SEO and PPC for each of these platforms.

Digital Marketing for Online Retail

SEO and PPC can help to improve your online business significantly. Not only can SEO and PPC bring in sales directly, it can even build market share. Exposure from SEO and PPC can get the attention of potential customers who might never have found you otherwise.

Each service can be applied individually; however, developing a combined SEO and PPC strategy produces significantly better results.

How does this work?

Refinements and content improvements made to improve SEO can also reduce the cost-per-click of your paid advertising. We do this by executing PPC campaigns that bring in engaged visitors. Search engine algorithms respond to those improved metrics resulting in your website performing better in organic search.

As with all business promotion offline, it’s important that your digital marketing strategy isn’t merely identical to those of your competitors. A business which just ‘does what everyone else is doing’ cannot move ahead of the competition.

The Process

As a multi-award-winning agency, has built up a reputation for pioneering new techniques. By trying new methods and tailoring our approach to our clients’ needs, we have become a market leader.

We work closely with our many retail clients to identify their goals, their priorities, and to learn more about their field. Our consultants combine your knowledge and combine it with data analysis. This allows us to identify the keywords the lead to sales and which web pages which perform well. This information informs our strategies, allowing us to prioritise work effectively and maximise your performance.

We aren't simply satisfied with sticking to what worked previously. Instead, we’re always looking toward the future and observe new opportunities as they arise.

Need more proof? We have many case studies available for ecommerce clients who have achieved excellent successes with our SEO and PPC services.

To discuss your requirements and explore which services would best improve your business’ online presence, get in touch today. We’ll review your aims, assess your current standing, and produce a detailed proposal tailored to your needs.