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The city of Carlisle is currently in a state of population growth and expansion, but is undergoing a shift in its economy; in recent years much of its primary industry has closed down, moved away, or ceased production, and in general the metropolitan borough is slowly transitioning from a traditional model built around a few major industry names to a wide variety of newer, smaller businesses.

Finding Your Feet in New Markets: What the New Business Needs to Know

Promotional activity is steadily drifting away from traditional print and radio advertising models. Fewer people than ever take their cues from old-media advertising, and even word of mouth has largely moved online into social media, giving businesses with a strong online presence the edge both when it comes to recommendations from friends and to the results of web searches. After all, it’s so much more convenient to throw a message out on the phoneThis makes a sound SEO strategy with effective market targeting and a welcoming, effective website essential to modern businesses, particularly those in competitive market sectors, those just starting out, and the like.But what makes a sound SEO strategy? There are at least as many answers to this as there are businesses. We at Novi.Digital believe the only way to proceed is a client-focused approach. We like local clients because we can meet early and often as required to keep our focus firmly on the individual goals of your company; for a more in-depth look into why this is, take a look here.

Putting Your Needs First: Personalised Service Keeps the Goal in Sight

When all’s said and done, what you’re looking for from an SEO plan isn’t the improved page ranking, increased visitor count, or even a better conversion rate of visitor to customer; all of these are steps on the road to the goal. Your sights are set firmly on the bottom line, and that means ours must be, too.Once we know those goals, our entire approach builds from there backward, letting the goals dictate the shape of our proposal and the work we do afterward. We don’t even begin to analyse the current state of your SEO until we know what it’s trying to achieve; once we have that, we can move forward with something effective.Call into our Lancaster head office or arrange for us to come out and meet with you and we’ll hash out what you need from us, then after that consultation, we’ll perform an audit of your site as it stands, getting a clearer picture of what’s needed where and what’s already doing a great job for you. From there we construct our proposal and bring it to you to make sure everyone is on board.For a free consultation, feel free to contact us today and we’d be happy to discuss what we are able to achieve for your website.
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