SEO Defined: What Does SEO Mean?

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Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it’s also known, is a field that changes as rapidly as search engines improve, and perhaps because of that, it’s much more nuanced than most people expect.
But what does SEO mean?

The Man on the Street Says:

“SEO is about being the first result that comes up on Google.”

How True is That?

There are definite advantages to being on the first page of results on any search engine, but there are statistically greater advantages to being the link that people click on.

While they have to see your entry to do that, think about the way you use search engines yourself – it’s actually quite rare, when you’re not searching for a specific brand name, that you click on the first entry you see.

You almost always scroll through the first page or so and in some cases go a lot deeper into the search results, looking for something where the link and its description seems relevant.

A saying which is catching on in the industry is that SEO should stand for Search Experience Optimisation. That’s certainly how we look at it; we want our clients to have visitors who are likely to want what they offer.

This approach is much better for your bottom line than bringing in far more visitors who would never buy your product or service.


SEO is one of several ways to strengthen your website’s online presence and help you build a brand and create new customers online.

Many of our clients also use some or all of these other methods, which tend to have a stronger effect when combined – but there’s no one solution for all websites or everyone would be using it!

Instead, we offer a flexible service customised for each client to meet their specific needs. Because the best SEO involves constant analysis of performance data, this service can change and update as time goes on to fit the needs of your growing business.

SEO Goals Are:

The goal of SEO will vary slightly from business to business, but it will usually be a combination of one or more of the following:

As you and your customer base develop, the ideal proportions of each will change. SEO makes your website easier to find and more appealing to visit; an SEO service like the one we offer also encourages visitors to become customers while they’re there, and helps plant the seed for return visits and orders.

As the rise of smartphones and tablets makes searching online part of more and more financial decisions around the world, neglecting your online presence – and mobile SEO is a big part of that – is likely to leave your company struggling to catch up in the future.

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