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SEO-Leeds - Need SEO Leeds? Try an Award Winning service from novi.digitalAt last, you’ve finally found an SEO company that’s all about you. offer you Leeds SEO service that caters to the needs of your business, focusing on your goals and developing strategies based on your situation. Creating conversions for your business is the most important aspect of SEO, and when you choose, you’re choosing a service that understands your need to focus on conversions above all else.

Using SEO For Your Own Goals

Search rankings, page views, visit duration, bounce rate – these aren’t important unless they’re helping you reach your goals, and understand that. When are handling your search engine optimisation, you won’t be offered meaningless numbers, you’ll be given results that focus on where your real interest lies. For many this means increasing revenue, and increasing conversions, but even if your goal is to inform or raise awareness, the techniques applied to your online presence have been refined over years of experience, and can be adapted to suit your needs.

We aren’t interested in offering you services you don’t need. We won’t make you pay for directory submissions, link building or any other service that you’re not going to benefit from, because we’re interested in the same goals as you are, not the goals we set for you. When you do receive suggestions from us, it is because we are dedicated to enhancing your service – your successes are our successes too.

Internet Marketing With a Personal Touch

With modern advances in technology, and especially when conducting a lot of business online, it can be easy to forget the benefits of a simple face to face meeting. When you want a real discussion about your company goals, the successes you are seeing, advice, business strategy or just a quick catch up, there’s no better way than the personal touch.

Being based in Lancaster, your Account Manager with will always be just a short journey away from Leeds, allowing you to easily arrange convenient face to face meetings when you need them. If you prefer to get away from the office for a while, then we’ll always be happy to receive you at our Lancaster or Manchester offices, or anywhere en route from Leeds; coffee’s on us!

Take a moment to pick up the phone and call 0113 347 1004 or send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

Alternatively, if you have a substantially sized AdWords Campaign we can arrange for you to meet with our Google Account Manager at the Google AdWords office right in the heart of Leeds!