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Choosing whether or not it’s time to take your SEO in house is a big decision. From start-ups to businesses with million pound turnovers, there’s always a trade-off between the cost of an agency and their expertise. Hiring someone to train you or your staff is probably the most effective way to get the best of both worlds, but even then, there are probably a few questions you’ll want to ask first:

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Can’t I just teach myself?

Well actually, you can! There are plenty of online guides that will help you to learn the very basics of SEO by yourself, and we recommend using Google’s one, which you can be sure will teach you good practices. Especially for small and start-up businesses, using basic SEO techniques can go a long way towards seeing success on search engines.

In order to take your SEO skills further, however, a more direct approach is advised. The techniques that you can learn from a basic how-to guide are meant to be all-encompassing, and don’t involve the level of strategy and in depth specifics that a larger operation will often require. Once you find that the SEO you taught yourself isn’t getting you much further, it’s time to look into learning some industry- or business-specific techniques.

How will you account for my business’s needs?

Every business is different, whether it’s as major as working in different industries, to different parts of the country, to something as seemingly minor as the way team members interact. The thing that makes your business different is also the advantage you need to be seizing when it comes to SEO, and how to do that is our focus.

By learning what we can about your business, we are able to tk the techniques that will see you succeed. If SEO that works for an ecommerce company might not work very well for you, we won’t waste your time teaching it to you, but if it’s exactly what you need then it’s likely to be the focus of your training. It’s not all about what your business is though, it’s also about who you are, and who your team are.

How will you account for my team’s needs?

Like every business, every team is different. The level of motivation, the skills and the attitudes of the people working for you are all important in determining what techniques are best to teach your team. For example, if you have a very creative team, it might be in your best interests to focus your SEO attention on the skills of content marketing, while a more technically-minded team might prefer to go in depth about what makes Google tick.

It’s always best to use as many techniques as possible, of course, but by understanding the needs and abilities of your team we can highlight the areas where you’re bound to succeed, allowing you to play to your strengths.

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What does it cost?

Our Average Prices for SEO Training are:

  • £379 + VAT for a half day
  • £549 + VAT for a full day

Additional expenses may be incurred based on your requirements, but will always be discussed beforehand.

How do I know you’re worth it?

You don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at our testimonials page to see what some of our previous clients have to say, or visit FreeIndex for even more reviews. Our Marketing Business of the Year award should also tell you a little something about the quality of our service.

Novi.Digital make it our goal to see you succeed. Our focus on your business, your team and your best interests come from a sense of pride in what we can help you to achieve. If you do want to take our word for it, read our story

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