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An introduction to PPC Management Services

Our team at novi.digital is experienced in implementing and running a range of highly successful Pay‐Per‐Click Campaigns to a total spend well in excess of £6 million.

If you are new to the world of paid digital advertising, we can work with you to start from scratch, identifying which advertising networks are most suitable for your business and maximising the potential ROI you can obtain.

We can also easily step in and improve upon any existing PPC campaigns on the Google AdWords Platform, Bing Ads, Facebook, and a variety of others.

We have also invested heavily in the development of our own proprietary PPC management software called Captivise.

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Google Premier Partner Status

The PPC team at novi.digital all hold Google AdWords certifications, and we are proud to be a Google Premier Partner.


This grants our agency access to Google’s premier agency support, and direct access to the Google AdWords team who are always available to us and our clients. Our friends at AdWords can use their enhanced access to the AdWords research and data gathering platform to provide valuable insights for our clients, and ensures that we can always make decisions about your campaigns based on as much knowledge as possible.

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Our PPC Management Objectives

We have a few basic principles by which we run the majority of our paid campaigns, designed to make the most of your marketing budget and bring you fantastic returns from your campaigns.

  • Increased Click‐Through Rates – achieved through creating appealing ad copy and relevant keywords.
  • Increased Conversion Rates – achieved through targeted keywords and targeted landing pages.
  • Lowered Cost‐per‐Click – achieved by obtaining the highest quality scores and structured campaigns.
  • Increased Exposure on the ad network platform using a wide variety of targeted keywords.
  • Increased Accuracy of your campaign to target the most appropriate traffic for your pages.
  • Improved Keyword Quality Score enabling cost per click to be reduced and a higher position achieved as a result as well as more clicks for your budget.


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Our PPC Management Strategy

Before we even start work on any advertising campaigns, we will work through a detailed questionnaire with you, establishing your budget, your aims, any preferences you may have over advertising schedules, and whether or not you have specific copy that you would like us to include.

We respect that you know your audience and you know your customers – we work with respect to your knowledge and supplement this with our own research and analysis, and will transform that into a successful paid digital marketing strategy.

Creating a successful paid marketing strategy requires time to understand your business, your products, and to create a viable list of terms which balance search volumes and cost. We aim to provide you with a PPC campaign which sees an increase in your revenue without an increase in your cost. Through careful research and application of expertise in making campaigns specific, time-bound, and geo-targeted (amongst many other demographic metrics), we will make your website an invaluable tool in your sales arsenal.

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PPC Consultancy and Training

If your business has an in-house team that manage your PPC campaign on a day-to-day basis, we are always happy to provide our knowledge on a consultancy basis, offering advice and insights to your team, and being available to answer any questions that may crop up during your management of the campaign.

If you are looking to upskill your existing team to be able to manage your campaigns effectively in-house, we can work with you and your team to deliver a training plan that will equip your people with the skills and knowledge they need to meet your goals and use budgets wisely on a variety of ad networks.

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PPC Audits and Reports

If you have a PPC campaign that you feel could be working better, have hit a brick wall, or would just like to give your campaigns a health check, we can provide an auditing and reporting service. This will give you an overview of the health of your paid marketing, and contain actionable insights for your team to implement to optimise your campaigns.

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